Comments From DCSS

Kristi M. Stone, Assistant Deputy Director of Field Operations, DCSS: I have been fortunate to work alongside Tajsha for the last several years on the DCSS E-Filing Project.  She has been very instrumental to the current success of this joint effort. Tajsha is very informative as well as responsive to, not only me, but my staff. I appreciate all the hard work she has put into this project and look forward to getting all 159 Georgia counties e-filing with our DCSS Offices. 

Kim Watson, Manager of Nashville DCSS office: Tajsha is so helpful in so many ways.  Whether it be a phone call, an email, or an invite to assist in some training, she has always responded to me timely and assisted me however she could. Several years ago when I managed the Valdosta Office and Colquitt County was going up on e-filing we had the worst time. Tajsha came down; met the Attorney, Acting Supervisor, an Agent and myself at the Colquitt County Clerk’s Office to try to resolve the issue even though it wasn’t an issue on our end, but an issue on the Clerk’s end with their provider. Tajsha took the time to come to Moultrie and get on the phone with the Clerk’s e-file vendor and helped us all work on the issue. In my opinion, that was going the extra mile. She is quick to update our local forms to e-filing each year when the forms change and our Attorney has made updates. Tajsha has always acted genuine and as though she was happy to help.   

Carla Clemons, Manager of Gainesville DCSS office, Interim Manager of Dahlonega and Clarkesville DCSS offices: I have only met Tajsha in person once, but she has been amazing in helping the Clarkesville and Dahlonega Offices transition to e-filing and in assisting the Gainesville Office with e-filing issues. I honestly don’t know where she finds the time to do all that she does! She responds to every email we send (and we send a lot of emails), and is always helpful, professional, and polite. We currently are having an issue with a couple of our counties wanting accounts set up directly through Peach Court, and Tajsha is working to meet with a judge in those counties to help expedite legal filing. I am incredibly grateful for all her hard work and her continued availability and customer service.

Katina Green, Manager of Dublin DCSS office: Tajsha is a joy to work with. Tajsha has been my go-to contact person since the day DCSS started to e-file in my area years ago. She never hesitates to answer questions and provide feedback.  Anytime that I reach out to her to add new employees, e-file questions, she does not hesitate to respond. I reach out to her to coordinate e-file refresher courses for my veteran staff and new e-file training for onboarding staff members. She works hard to accommodate and schedule those trainings at the convenience of the office. Tajsha has such a pleasant attitude at all times. She makes herself available and is always willing to assist.

Brenda J Fitzpatrick, Manager of Cobb UIFSA DCSS office: Working with Tajsha was a pleasure.  She is very knowledgeable and courteous. 

Marcia Evans, Enforcement Agent in the Athens DCSS office: Tajsha Dekine has been very helpful with the e-filing process.  She is always helpful and informative.  She has provided a wealth of information and is always willing to come and meet with new staff members to explain the process. We have had a mountain of problems with one of our Courts but Tajsha has worked diligently to address all of our problems.

Anissa Edwards, Manager of Hinesville DCSS office: Tajsha has always been more than willing to accommodate our office and its needs. She has provided additional on-site training as needed and any questions that we pose to her are answered quickly. 

Judy Hall, Manager of Elberton Office: Tajsha has been a big help to the Elberton office as we deal with 5 counties and not all the clerks have the same vendors. Tajsha was instrumental in getting our e-filing system back up and running when the clerks would not contact their vendors to correct their problem. The clerks insisted that it was DCSS. Tajsha contacted all the vendors and within a week, we were back to e-filing. Whenever we have a problem, she will respond promptly. She, also, came to our office and gave instructions to our new legal secretary and our SAAGs on the basics of e-filing.

Olivia Adams, Manager of Statesboro DCSS office: Tajsha has been instrumental in the success of e-filing in the Ogeechee Judicial Circuit. She developed a great relationship with our local judiciary. Tajsha makes herself available to trouble shoot any issues that may arise. She also follows up to ensure our department has been able to move forward with our legal actions.