April 2018

Two Judicial Council Meetings

Judicial Council Meeting

The Judicial Council met in Atlanta at the Sloppy Floyd Building on February 23, 2018. Mr. Chris Carr, Attorney General, discussed the work of his office including human trafficking, elder issues, cyber security, gang activity, and opioid abuse.

Judge Carla Wong McMillian Recounts Family History

Judge Carla Wong McMillian, Court of Appeals, came to one of the JC/AOC staff meetings not long ago at our request to tell us a little about her path to becoming a judge.  Her compelling story tells of a childhood in Augusta which includes one of the oldest Chinese communities in the Southeast.  Her family maintained a grocery store in the African American community …

Riding the Pine with Judge Stephen Kelley

When the first superior courts were established in Georgia, there were just four counties divided into two judicial circuits.  As the state expanded, so did the number of counties and judicial circuits. Today Georgia’s 159 counties are divided into 49 judicial circuits, many of which are multi-county circuits. In those circuits, judges “ride the pine” or “ride the circuit,” traveling from county to county to hear cases.

Celebrating 25 Years of the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution

In 1993, court-ordered mediation was shrouded with mystery and skepticism. Most of those in Georgia, particularly outside of the legal field, had never heard the term Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Nearly 20 years prior, the late Harvard Law School professor and ADR pioneer Frank E.A. Sander described his idea of a more efficient means to resolve legal disputes, later coined the multi-door courthouse concept, to a group of attendees at the…

Teen Courts Seek to Provide Juveniles with a Jury of Their Peers across the State

Kari Poss worked as a probation officer with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) for years before she heard about a mock trial program for teens. “I started reading and learning more about it, and I became so interested in the program,” she says. Not long after that, she found her life moving in a new direction.

Profiling African American and Women Judges 2018

During February and March of 2018, the Judicial Council/AOC profiled African American judges and women judges.


Each February, the achievements of African Americans are highlighted during African American History Month.  The Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts highlighted influential African American Judges in Georgia during this month.


Each March, the achievements of women are highlighted during Women’s History Month.  The Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts highlighted influential Women Judges in Georgia during this month.

Retirement Launched Judge Bill Adams’ Latest Career Move: Providing Access to Justice

Just ten days after retiring from the bench of the State Court of Bibb County, Bill Adams’ schedule was filled with meetings, research, and a weekly legal clinic at a homeless shelter. His calendar reflected his enthusiasm for working with others to develop the Middle Georgia Access to Justice Council, a collaborative effort to close the justice gap in Macon, Georgia…