Meet JDEX Program Manager Kristy King

Just shy of two years ago, Kristy King, a self-described “non-IT person” accepted the position of JDEX Program Manager in the AOC’s IT Division. She says it’s the best leap of faith she’s ever taken. Kristy notes that she’s grown and pushed herself professionally Happy to be here. Has grown and pushed her self more in the last two years than ever before, and even more than she had anticipated. Simply stated, she’s thrilled to be here.

But I am Not Soft!

Not that you asked out loud but, yes, you can be trauma responsive and still do your job, no matter what your job might be. In early 2019, I wrote an article for Georgia’s Courts Journal entitled, Is Doing Justice Really Enough, wherein I confessed that, after thirty years on the bench, I had come to understand and accept that my charge as a judge is not just to do justice, but to do justice and promote healing; healing among those we serve, among those who serve with us, and within ourselves. Recently, I witnessed a powerful demonstration of the fulfillment of that charge from what some might believe to be an unlikely source.