2021 Twitter Town Hall!

September 17 is Constitution Day! To celebrate, @GACourts is hosting our 5th annual Twitter Town Hall. Judges from every level of Georgia’s court system will be on hand to answer questions related to the US Constitution using the hashtag #AskGAJudges.

Questions from students and educators will take priority, however, anyone on Twitter can participate so long as 3 basic rules are followed: be thoughtful, be civil, and no questions about your case or politics.

Participating judges include Justices Charlie Bethel and Carla McMillan from the Supreme Court of Georgia; from the Court of Appeals of Georgia Chief Judge Brian Rickman, Judges Stephen Dillard, Sara Doyle, Anne Barnes, and Elizabeth Gobeil; from the Superior Courts Judges Rachelle Carnesale, Rob Leonard, Kimberly Childs, and LaTisha Dear Jackson; from the state courts Judge Jason Thompson; from the juvenile courts Judges Neal Brunt and Render Heard; from the probate courts judges Ginny Blakeney and Sarah Harris; from the magistrate courts Judges Cassandra Kirk, Eric Ballinger and Tabitha Ponder; and from the municipal courts Judge Lori Duff.