Jackson County Celebrates Treatment Court Graduate and 21 Drug-free Babies

by Alice Culpepper

Jackson County recently honored another Treatment Court graduate in the Piedmont Judicial Circuit. On June 29th, Judge Currie Mingledorff presented the graduate with his certificate of completion, and praised him for his amazing accomplishments of not only graduating but also finding employment and stability for both him and his growing family. Jackson County also celebrated another great milestone during this graduation. The Piedmont Circuit Accountability Courts keep track of one of the most rewarding parts of the program: how many drug-free babies that have been born to those who have reached sobriety through their treatment. With this graduate and his newborn twins, the Piedmont Circuit Accountability Courts mark twenty-one drug-free babies! Every drug-free baby born not only saves money for the State of Georgia, but it further emphasizes how beneficial these treatment programs are by promoting both happy and healthy individuals and families.

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