Tracy Mason—Answering the Call to Public Service

We recently spoke with Tracy Mason, a long-serving employee, and current Senior Assistant Director for the Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts.
Condensed and edited for clarity

Noelle Lagueux-Alvarez:  Thank you, Tracy, for taking time to talk with me. Would you please share your professional background with our readers?

Tracy Mason:  It’s my pleasure, and absolutely.  I went to undergrad at Georgia State University and majored in political science. While there, I heard about a wonderful internship opportunity during the legislative session with the Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia. I applied and interned with the JC/AOC’s Governmental Affairs Team during the 2003 Georgia legislative session.  During that time, I did exactly what our interns still do today: tracked legislation, attended committee meetings, read bills, and wrote summaries.

I stayed on at the JC/AOC for a couple more legislative sessions and graduated college in 2005.  I joined the JC/AOC full-time in December 2007.  I started out as a project coordinator supporting one of the committees that existed at that time.  While working for the JC/AOC, I went back to Georgia State University part-time to get my master’s in public policy which I completed in 2011. During that time, I did some work with accountability courts, prior to the creation of the Council of Accountability Court Judges. In 2012, I came over to the Governmental and Trial Court Liaison Team, where I happily remain today.  Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to complete the Carl Vinson Budget and Financial Management Certification Program and the Certified Public Manager Program.

NL-A:  What drew you to your role with the Judicial Council/Administrative Office of the Courts?

Tracy Mason:  My internship here during my undergrad years really inspired me. Prior to that, I hadn’t had any thoughts about working with legislation or governmental affairs. It was right around the time that I decided to major in political science, and so it was a natural fit. I loved seeing the legislative process and being in the Capitol. I can still remember being in that energy for the first time all those years ago.  I’m very fortunate to have work related to legislation remain a big part of my job to this day. I feel very lucky that the JC/AOC internship presented itself at such a pivotal time in my education. So, that’s where it all started for me.

NLA:  That reminds me of our colleague, Michelle Barclay.  She, too, started as an intern and has now been here about 25 years. 

Tracy Mason:  Working at the same place for so long allows you to work with so many great people. There’s still a handful of us who’ve been here since I started, but I’m also so fortunate to work with lots of great new people, new friends.

NLA: What do you hope to achieve in your position as Senior Assistant Director for the agency?

Tracy Mason:  I’ve been in my current role for a little bit now, and every day I continue to look forward—especially as we prepare for another transition to a new chief justice—to doing my best to support and deliver for the Chief Justice, the Presiding Justice, the Judicial Council, and our agency director.  I strive always to do my best representing our agency and the judicial branch, whether that’s with agency partners, at the Capitol, or in the courts.  It’s an honor to support Georgia judges in the great work that they do. 

NL-A:  I couldn’t agree more.  Now, let’s turn to what you enjoy doing in your free time.

Tracy Mason:  The pandemic changed life for all of us. For me, I was always a bit of a homebody, but now even more so.  I enjoy and appreciate downtime at home, which for me always includes reading.  I also like to get out for a good walk regularly.  I try to be active every day, and a good walk always lets me clear my head.

My husband and I have been married for ten years and we have two German shepherds. They are a lot of fun and definitely keep us busy. We love being together as a family and getting outside to enjoy our community.  We live in Suwanee and we especially love the greenway that runs through town.  When the weather is nice, that’s where you’ll find us.

NL-A:  Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

Tracy Mason:   For the past handful of years, we have been going down with friends to the beach—just west of Gulf Shores on a really quiet stretch.  But most recently, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with a two-week trip to Hawaii. We had been dreaming of that for a long time, and it was amazing.  I think that trip will jump start some more travel to new places.

NL-A:  Is there anything else you wanted to share? Anything that I did not ask you that you wish I had? 

Tracy Mason:  I’ll wrap up by saying that I’ve been with the Judicial Council/AOC for a long time—over 14 years.  It’s been a joy to be here for so many years.  I’ve gotten to see people grow, to see so many changes, and to see how much we accomplish as an agency to serve the judiciary.  I really do feel like we are a family here and I’m just so happy to be a part of it.

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