Barrow County Felony Drug Court Graduation

by Alice Culpepper

On June 23rd, Barrow County celebrated two graduates from the county’s Felony Drug Court program. The graduates shared their inspiring stories about their struggles with addiction and how they overcame through the amazing treatment and “tough love” that they found in the program. Both the graduates and their families expressed deep gratitude for the Drug Court and the stability that they found throughout it. They shared how excited they were to start the next chapter of their lives as one graduate will be getting married soon and the other planning on reuniting with family. Judge Currie Mingledorff gave an emotional congratulations to the graduates, saying how much of a blessing it was to watch them overcome their struggles and thanked them for allowing him and the specialty court staff to be a part of their recovery.

Judge Currie Mingledorff, II speaking at the June 23, 2021 graduation ceremony.
Barrow County’s Drug Court team with two recent graduates.

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